Nenad Kostic

New Site

I launched my new site today. I am such a procrastinator and have been postponing it for some time but its’ finally done.

Read more about inception of this site roots in detail in post made by this fine gentleman here. I was planning to bootstrap this stack myself; partly I already did but when I stumbled upon this repo I just decided to forked it and created mysite. Big kudos to Jökull Sólberg for making exactly what I needed.

Why is this website different than the old one? Few important things:

Making a post and deploying with mysite is a 3 step process, give or take:

  1. Write the article with mdsvex (md on svelte steroids)
  2. Create Artifact (hint: automate format and lint with vscode on save)
npm run build
  1. Deploy
wrangler publish

Pure joy once again.