New Beginnings

July 12, 2020

Very excited to share the news that I recently decided to take the offer to come and work as a front end developer on a fast growing video platform from Calgary.

After just a few sprints working with my new team colleagues I am really happy that I took the offer. Great folks and great company culture made me feal really welcomed and I am very grateful for that.

Calgary is awesome city, and me and my wife enjoy greatly exploring the city and surroundings. Proximity to the mountains is something I looked forward before moving here because of the scenic nature and opportunity to go for hiking and canoeing often during the summer and skiing in the winter time.

This is my first blog post after a long time and I plan to write more in the future about all the stuff I find interesting.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards, Nenad

Nenad Kostic

Written by Nenad Kostic, front end developer. Follow me on twitter.